We brainstormed about what things become better with time: wine, cheese, and many
more. Until we got 
to technology, and specifically: pixels. So it became clear, pixels
get smaller and smaller to provide a 
smoother look on screens. And that’s when we chose 
a well known personality from pop culture who has been through a smooth improvement with
the years: Mario.


Copywriter       Juan Andrés Kebork

Art Director      Leon Celay
Art Director      Reinier Wortman

Teacher            Marlon von Franquemont
                          ACD Innocean Berlin

Teacher           Chen Yaari
Sr. Copywriter DOJO



Silver | Creativity International Awards
Gold | Graphis new talent award 2020.

Merit | ADC Germany
Bronze | Summit International Awards
Finalist | New York Advertising Festival
Lürzer’s Archive issue 6-19