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Uber Eatts
Agency Scholz & Friends Berlin
Client Service Director Samy Kouatli
Creative Direction Jörg Waschescio, Nicole Thalheim
Copywriters Ilkan Ilkan Atesöz, Alannah Stritch & Lorenzo Colnaghi
Art Directors Vinicius Valadao, Max Quecke & Reinier Wortman
Location Berlin
year 2022

Role: Developing the concept


The Uber Eats’ first brand campaign in Germany was launched with a song about bizarre situations in which ‘eating first’ is the most important thing, humorously emphasising the campaign message. No matter what happens, ‘Eat first’ is always a good solution. Because everything feels better with food.

M A I N   F I L M  /  V I D E O  C L I P

O U T  O F  H O M E